Justin Bieber is Racist!

Justin Bieber is a racist and a bigot.
Justin Bieber is a racist and a bigot.

Yes, Justin Bieber is a racist and a white-privileged bigot who contributes to the oppression of minorities and people of colour at the hands of our white supremacist society.

When you hear of racist white musicians, you think of Ariana Grande or some obscure racist black metal band from Norway like Neraines.

Well unfortunately, racism is the currency of ALL WHITE PEOPLE, not just a select few.

Cultivating and propagating the myth that only a few white people are racist, or that some white people aren’t racist because they “have a Black friend” is the definition of white privilege and white supremacy.

Case in point with media celebrity and Alt-Right darling Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber making racist "art".
Justin Bieber making racist “art”.

British tabloid newspaper The Sun was first to report on the new footage, which features the singer Justin Bieber using the N-word in “One Less Lonely Girl” (altering the hook to be “One Less Lonely Nigger“), joking about killing black people and entertaining the idea of joining the Ku Klux Klan. Bieber seated and wearing a dog tag and a dark blue shirt, and he sings unaccompanied, repeatedly weaving the racial slur into the lyrics of his 2009 hit.

The footage emerges just as Bieber issued an apology on Sunday for a five-year-old clip – originally recorded when the singer was 15 but recently surfaced by The Sun – that shows the pop star telling a joke with a racist punch line. The earlier video has since been posted on TMZ.

In that clip, Bieber is heard asking, “Why are black people afraid of chain saws?” He then answers his own query with a reference to the N-word (“Run, nigger, run!“).

I’m sure this is all just “hipster racism” or “ironic racism”… or you know, just good old racism.

ALL white people are racist, no matter what they say.

100% of white people are racist and nazi, take that to the bank.

Justin Bieber is no exception, he’s just as racist as his nazi grandparents (his paternal grandfather was a German immigrant to Canada according to Wikipedia).

One thought on “Justin Bieber is Racist!

  1. biebers parents are (both!) very vocal in their support for conservative/nazi politicians in canada he never denounced them surprise surprise,,,, birds of a fever flock together


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