What is a “Donald Trump Democrat”?

Donald Trump Democrat.
Donald Trump Democrat.

Among the left-leaning crowds, one of the most fascinating labels has emerged: the Donald Trump Democrat.

I’m not exactly sure where it started or who coined it (if you know, please say in the comments below), but it is truly brilliant as it crystallizes a particular personality that we all know too well.

Very basically, a Donald Trump Democrat is a (usually white) Democratic politician who pays lip service to progressive causes: immigration, Minority Rights, Affirmative Action, dismantling white privilege… only to side with other white people against minorities once they are elected.

In short, the Donald Trump Democrat talks a lot about multiculturalism, equality and diversity, but is at heart a white supremacist (like Donald Trump).

Hillary Clinton, a Donald Trump Democrat.
Hillary Clinton, a Donald Trump Democrat.

At the heart of the Donald Trump Democrat psyche, there is the mindset that TALKING about racism, discrimination and white privilege is the same as DOING something to defeat it.

The Donald Trump Democrat makes a lot of noise about Minority Rights but, like Donald Trump himself, draws very (very) white crowds… so much that you’d think you’ve stumbled upon a KKK meeting.

A good example of the Donald Trump Democrat phenomenon is to look at New York City.

With the exception of the Giuliani years, NYC has been under Democratic leadership since 1974 (!) and still has the highest national rate of:

  • racial profiling
  • police brutality
  • stop and frisk
  • discriminatory lending
  • Black men killed by (usually white) police officers
  • income inequality
  • white privilege
  • gentrification
  • anti-immigration policies
  • hate crimes

And absolutely NONE of the NYC mayors have been People of Color. They were, in fact, Donald Trump Democrats.

Nancy Pelosi, another Donald Trump Democrat.
Nancy Pelosi, another Donald Trump Democrat.

In some ways, the Donald Trump Democrat is the counterpart to the “moderate conservative” (what white racists call “cuckservative”), and they are more alike than dissimilar. You often will hear the Donald Trump Democrat getting into arguments with conservatives over “who is more moderate” and “who loves America more” (epitomizes by Hillary Clinton’s pathetic “America is Already Great“).

Yes, seriously.

The Donald Trump Democrat feels very passionate about issues like gay marriage, equal pay and abortion, which affect essentially white privileged middle-class women. In fact, you might even hear the Donald Trump Democrat vouching for “white Feminism” (aka white supremacy) as a solution to racial discrimination… basically, everything that puts MINORITIES in the back seat.

Trump and Clinton, no friends of minorities.
Trump and Clinton, no friends of Minorities.

The Donald Trump Democrat feels uncomfortable around minorities… he wants their vote, but he doesn’t want to raise any issues that are important to People of Color. He will pay lip service to ending police brutality and “fighting for immigrants” (whatever that means), but as soon as he’s elected he will forget all about People of Color and immediately go back to pandering to his very white base.

One of the favorite terms of the Donald Trump Democrat is “raising awareness”. “Raising awareness” is very convenient because it allows the Donald Trump Democrat to posture as progressive and pro-diversity while doing absolutely nothing to dismantle the white supremacist power structures of America.

He wants to “raise awareness” about white privilege, gentrification and racial profiling, but it never leads to anything productive, it’s just empty promises made by a white (racist) candidate to get the Brown vote.

To the Donald Trump Democrat, it’s always the voters that are being unreasonable. He literally believes that running as a “Democrat” is the same thing as fighting for Minority Rights and racial equality.

Donald Trump Democrats = GOP.
Donald Trump Democrats = GOP.

Well, guess what… Donald Trump was a Democrat too, before officially switching parties… yet another aspect in which Donald Trump Democrats are indistinguishable from Republicans.

Another problem: the Donald Trump Democrat is not even Left-wing to begin with, he’s closer to the center-right (see Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and the like). They are not Left-wing in absolute terms, they are only “Left-wing” in relation to the fascist Donald Trump.

That’s like equating being against separating families at the border with being pro-immigration… WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT DONALD TRUMP DEMOCRATS DO.

Yet another problem of Donald Trump Democrats: they alienate People of Color and lose Minority votes, which ends up costing them (and us) election after election. It’s literally electoral sabotage.

Hillary lost to Trump, Kerry lost to Bush, Gore lost to Bush as well… it’s only when Obama STOPPED trying to impress “moderates” and embraced his base (minorities, People of Color, immigrants) that his campaign took off. Twice. So don’t give us the “we need to white women vote crap”, white women voted for Trump and they were PROUD of doing so.

Donald Trump Democrats are the cancer of the Democratic Party.

So how do you recognize a Donald Trump Democrat?

Here are a few tips.

The Donald Trump Democrat:

  • is white
  • has meetings are full of white people
  • votes like Republicans
  • is obsessed with “appearing moderate”
  • attacks other Democrats (often minorities) and calls them “extremist”
  • is oblivious to the fact that his white privileged rhetoric is driving minorities away from the Democratic party
  • talks about being “colorblind” while ignoring racism and systemic oppression
  • talks about “our” American values, “our” history and “our” country while People of Color are being dispossessed
  • offers a false choice between himself and the Republican candidate (“a vote against me is a vote for X”)
  • ignores decades of white Democrats losing to white Republicans
The Type of Voter the Donald Trump Democrat wants to Recruit.
The Type of Voter the Donald Trump Democrat wants to Recruit.

At the end of the day, it’s not enough to talk about equality and ending white privilege without doing anything about it. We need to trust minorities in the Democratic party, like we did with Barack Obama (and it worked!).

As for Donald Trump Democrats, they are cancer.

Their only goal seems to be to drive People of Color away from the Democratic party by focusing on a demographic they cannot win: white people.

No matter how many times white people tell them to fuck off, they keep coming back to them and begging them to “come together for equality”. Except white people aren’t interested in equality, they want white supremacy.

But Donald Trump Democrats don’t seem to get it and it’s not possible for anyone to be stupid to the point of believing “this time it will work”.

The question isn’t whether Donald Trump Democrats are being paid by the GOP or not… the question is, if they WERE being paid by the GOP, what would they do differently?

One thought on “What is a “Donald Trump Democrat”?

  1. The losing strategy of the Democrats:
    – ignore the minority vote (which they can win)
    – court the white vote (which they can’t win)

    100% track record of failure.

    Donald Trump Democrats = Fail


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