“Black Metal” is Racist and an Attack on Diversity!

All black metal is racist.
All black metal is racist.

So-called “Black Metal” is racist, nazi, white supremacist and an odious attack on Multiculturalism and Diversity!

Despite the white washing by Metalious.com (pun intended), the “black metal” genre is at its core racist, sexist, anti-Semitic and homophobic to the extreme.

It is a genre championed by racists in support of a racialist agenda.

The people who use it are not opposed to Christianity because it’s an oppressive and patriarchal religion, but are opposed to what they call “Semitic subversion of [their] European history” in the words of the black metal neo-nazi Varg Vikernes.

They are opposed to evangelical Christians who support interracial adoption. They are opposed to welcoming refugees as human beings. They are opposed to Israel and support radical Islam. They are opposed to anyone who does not think in terms of the white race.

They are opposed to the true values of heavy metal, which are tolerance, love, multiculturalism and diversity.

Black Metal = Nazi.
Black Metal = Nazi.

They hate true heavy metal bands like Green Day, Marilyn Manson and Linkin Park, who have supported amnesty, the plight of minorities and even performed in concerts in support of the refugees being denied entry to Europe.

They hate heavy metal.

They hate actual, tolerant, progressive heavy metal musicians.

They claim they are metalheads yet they are not, as the inherent racial hate and white supremacy of black metal are incompatible with the values of tolerance and diversity championed by true heavy metal.

The other day none other than Roger Tiegs, also known as Infernus from Gorgoroth, was attacked as a “black metal cuck” because he had interracial sexual intercourse with fellow heavy metal musician Terrance Hobbs. A Black Man.

Is there any doubt that all black metal is racist? If there is, read the following article decrying so-called “black metal cucks”.

Here are some excerpts.

In very broad terms, the Black Metal Cuck is an anti-White pussy – sometimes literally jewish – who seeks to downplay the racist, nationalist and anti-Christian precepts of early Norwegian Black Metal and replace them with basic bitch “Satanism”.

Someone thank that racist dirtbag for admitting what others have been warning you about forever: all black metal is racist.

In some ways, the Black Metal Cuck is the counterpart of the Christian SJW, and they are more alike than dissimilar. You often will hear the Black Metal Cuck screaming at the Christian SJW about how “Christians are the Real Racists”.

Again, it is particularly targeted at evangelical Christians and other tolerant progressives who tend to take less of a hardline on immigration and who are disproportionately the highest adopters of children outside their own race.

The people who listen to black metal are racists, not metalheads.

Nazi NSBM featuring Nergal.
Nazi NSBM featuring Nergal.

They may claim to be metalheads, but I have a hard time thinking anyone who sees the world in terms of skin colour, instead of musical taste, is really meaningfully a heavy metal fan.

Considering they routinely attack evangelical Christians for adopting outside their race or actual heavy metal musicians like Bono for providing comfort to the children of illegal aliens who’ve been racially abused at the border… if it quacks like a nazi

Remember: all black metal is racist, take it from the word of racist neo-nazi skinheads like Fenriz, Nargaroth, Varg Vikernes and Hellhammer themselves.

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