Ariana Grande is Racist!

Ariana Grande is racist.
Ariana Grande is racist.

After exposing the white-privileged bigot Emma Watson as the white supremacist she is, it’s time to talk about the nauseating racism of Ariana Grande.

Let’s start with the name Ariana. What does it mean?

Ariana is the Latinized version of a name of Persian (Iranian) origin, which itself originates from the Sanskrit Aryānā (आर्य) meaning “The Land of the Aryans”.

Who are the Aryans? According to Nazi and white supremacist racial theory, the Aryans are all people of the so-called “master race”, the people of Caucasian descent… in other words, white people.

If you name yourself after an ideology that killed 6,000,000 Jewish men, women and children, what does that make you?

But Ariana Grande’s racism, white privilege and neo-Nazi leanings don’t stop at just her name.

Ariana Grande on Instagram.
Ariana Grande on Instagram.

Just last year, Ariana Grande used her Instagram account to share a number of racist messages with her 111 million (white) followers.

For instance, she attached a photo of Jahseh Onfroy – a 20-year-old African-American male murdered by white police officers in Tampa, Florida – with the caption “faggot ass nigga“.

She also racially abused African-American singer Nicki Minaj, calling her a “gang bitch” and a “sheboon“.

But Ariana Grande’s racism gets even more vile and disgusting.

In June 2017, Ariana Grande declined to participate in a Black Lives Matter charity concert, and instead performed in the One Love Manchester event alongside other racists such as Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, in memory of the “victims” of the Manchester “terrorist” attacks.

Black Lives don’t Matter to racists like Ariana Grande, but the (all white) “victims” of “Islamic terrorism” get their own concert.

That is exhibit A white privilege and white supremacy.

Ariana Grande, the white-privileged racist.
Ariana Grande, the white-privileged racist.

It should also be pointed out that “Islamic terrorism” is a common talking point amongt the neo-Nazis and white supremacists of the Alt-Right.

Andrew Anglin, of the openly anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi website the Dailystormer, did an entire documentary on the Manchester “terrorist” attacks where he blames everything on Brown people.

Does Ariana Grande also share not just Anglin’s love for Hitlerian symbolism and imagery (swastikas, “Aryan”, etc.) but also his belief that the problem of terrorism comes from Brown people, as opposed to the very issues of white supremacy, white privilege and racial oppression?

Why does Ariana Grande want to spread neo-Nazi far-right talking points about so-called “Islamic terrorism”, the EXACT SAME talking points used by Donald Trump to justify separating families at the border?

Why does Ariana Grande ONLY acknowledge “terrorism” when it is committed by people of colour, and not when it is done by radical white supremacists such as Elliot Rodgers, Dylann Roof or Anders Breivik?

That is the definition of racism.

That is the definition of white supremacy.

Fuck hate, and fuck Ariana Grande.

4 thoughts on “Ariana Grande is Racist!

  1. For those still finding excuses to justify or minimize Ariana Grande’s behavior, this is the screenshot from the conversation in which she called Nicki Minaj a “gang bitch” and a “sheboon”, both derogatory terms used to demean people (particularly women) of African descent.

    Ariana Grande claimed she was “hacked” (something Instagram never confirmed) but the problem is that she has a long history of using such racially loaded terms to abuse other Black celebrities, not just Nicki Minaj but also Beyonce and Rihanna.

    Why do we keep on making excuses for the white supremacist celebrities?


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