Emma Watson is Racist!

Emma Watson, the racist white bitch.
Emma Watson, the racist white bitch.

Emma Watson is a racist piece of shit.

Not only is she a white privileged bigot, like the neo-nazi Donald Trump, but she pretends to be “tolerant” and “progressive” while pushing for her nauseating white feminist propaganda.

Read this post to learn everything you have to know about the scam called white feminism. It’s originally about Taylor Swift, another white privileged piece of shit, but the same criticism applies to Emma Watson.

So what’s so egregious about Emma Watson’s racism?

White feminism is cancer.
White feminism is cancer.

It’s the fact that she is a white privileged ignorant bigot that uses the plight of minorities and people of colour as a shield against the legitimate accusations of racism, homophobia and white supremacy.

Just like when “edgy” comedians make jokes about slavery and cultural appropriation, only to write it off as “freedom of speech” or “hipster racism”.

While so-called white feminists were busy protecting their privilege, actual WOMEN OF COLOUR were suffering true oppression at the hands of the racist and white supremacist society of which xenophobes like Emma Watson are an integral part of.

For women of colour, feminism isn’t about “equal pay”, “freedom of choice” or the color of children’s toys. It’s about life and death, hope and oppression, liberation and slavery. That is something white privileged women cannot understand.

But Emma Watson doesn’t care one bit about actual feminism. She has probably never read true feminist icons such as Maya Angelou, Angela Davis or Patricia Hill Collins.

Emma Watson's white feminism.
Emma Watson’s white feminism.

Her white feminism is just yet another weapon used to silence minorities and women of colour, another permutation of the white saviour complex, another metastasis of the white supremacist society that persecutes women of colour. But Emma Watson doesn’t care about racism, only about protecting her privilege and her status.

White womanhood come with certain privileges and often positive assumptions, a reality that Emma Watson has viciously denied… just like the KKK, Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler and the racial terrorist Anders Breivik.

Anytime Emma Watson talks about her “feminism”, her own whiteness and biases show up, and instead of showing humility and acknowledging her white privilege, her remarks are arrogant and racist.

Emma Watson recently got into a rather heated and I daresay racist debate with Black feminist icon Beyoncé on twitter. In addition of the nauseating white supremacist statements she regurgitated straight from Fox News or the neo-nazi Daily Stormer talking points (calling Beyoncé “trashy”), Emma Watson also took the discussion as an opportunity to showcase her white privilege by actively silencing the voice of Beyoncé, a minority, who unlike Emma Watson has actually experienced discrimination and bigotry.

Rather than looking into the history of the hyper-sexualization of women of colour and the reclamation of autonomy and sexuality of black and brown feminists, Watson acted like an authority figure rather than a student.

This is what TRUE FEMINISM looks like.
This is what TRUE FEMINISM looks like.

Lecturing those “primitive” minorities is a favourite pastime of the “hipster racist” crowd, so it’s no surprise that Emma Watson is all for the exclusion of minorities from the “female empowerment” debate.

Historically speaking, there isn’t anything new about this phenomenon. White feminists have always stolen feminist concepts created by women of colour for their own benefit. White women have always weaponized Black and Brown women’s bodies as shields for their own crimes and benefit as they claw their way up the white supremacist ladder to stand beside white men.

Watson isn’t the only white woman to question the feminism of Beyoncé or other women of colour. Their lack of understanding or interest in learning about the historical context of coloured feminism and intersectionality allows them to perpetuate racist micro- and macro-aggressions in personal and public spheres of interaction.

Whiteness, and the privilege that it comes with it, imbues white women with the misconception that their own experiences are universal. This sort of power keeps women like Watson from being able to see that their perspectives are rather irrelevant when it comes to resistance for black and brown women.

White privileged "tolerance".
White privileged “tolerance”.

When Black and Brown women reclaim their sexuality and their bodies from the white gaze and the male gaze, they are doing so within a historical context, which includes Saartjie Baartman (the “Hottentot Venus”), a Khoikhoi woman who was used as a side-show attraction throughout Europe because of her physical attributes, and the sick exotification, fetishisation and perversion that white people like Emma Watson projected onto her.

It was white people, including white feminists like Emma Watson, that physically, mentally and racially abused her and upheld the system of white supremacy that degraded her into an “exotic” sexual object.

After being trafficked like an animal, by white supremacists like Emma Watson, Baartman died of an inflammatory disease in 1815. Her body was dissected and her genitalia, brain and skeleton were on display in a museum in Paris, France, until 2002.

Not coincidentally, that’s where Emma Watson was born in 1990. Did you ever hear her talk about that issue? Of course not, she’d rather discuss the “horrible plight” of having to earn $0.01 less than her (white) male co-workers.

When white feminists react to Black and Brown women reclaiming their sexuality, they do so from a position of privilege while ignoring decades of gynecological experimentation on women of colour without any anesthesia, they do so while trivializing slavery, colonialism, oppression and genocide. They do so by ignoring the sterilization of Black and Brown women and the demonisation of black women’s sexuality by the white supremacist patriarchy.

The best thing racist neo-nazi white supremacists like Emma Watson can do for feminism is to SHUT UP AND GO HOME.

Fuck hate.

And fuck Emma Watson.

12 thoughts on “Emma Watson is Racist!

  1. Emma Watson is a white supremacist. She’s part of the problem, not the solution.
    Luckily, her kind is dying off rather quickly, but that doesn’t mean we can’t call her out on her bullshit white privilege feminism.


    1. To those “white allies” who believe that denouncing Donald Drumpff and the KKK is enough… how stupid do you think we are? EVERYONE KNOWS Drumpff and the KKK are racist, which is why it’s perfectly innocuous to talk about it.

      The real racism, the one that has been damaging the lives of People of Color at the hands of white colonialists since time immemorial, is the one not being discussed.

      It’s all the so called “progressives” who “celebrate diversity” with one hand while stabbing People of Color in the back with the other.

      It’s all the white women who “talk the talk” about rejecting white supremacy, only to vote the Donald Drumpff the moment they can get a better deal from the other side.

      It’s all these “white allies” who won’t SHUT UP AND LISTEN to People of Color and Minorities, and instead insist on showcasing their “tolerant” opinions by silencing Women of Color and Minorities.

      Donald Drumpff is obviously a racist, he may even be the most racist person in Amerikkka today. But he’s not the one who normalized racism and xenophobia. He’s only the bow of the ship, not the motor. He’s the spearhead, not the one actually holding and using the spear.

      Fuck racism.

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      1. Can we PLEASE stop with the fallacy that white people are “well meaning” and just need to be “educated about racism”????

        How long have we tried to educated these racist POS and to no avail?

        If, and that’s a big if, the partisans of “education” had made any progress … any progress whatsoever over the course of 50 years … then maybe I would reconsider my opinion. Maybe.

        But the reality is that these white shits can’t be educated. They have to be stopped.

        Make no mistake, Donald Trump is worse … more racist, more xenophobic, more anti-Semitic than any other president IN HISTORY!!! So much for “education”.

        Even at the height of the segregation, no presidential candidate was as openly anti-Semitic as Donald Trump.

        I know that many people in the Jewish community are taking active steps to deal with Donald Trump and his supporters, and other white racists whether they are liberal or conservative, before they turn from white shits to brown shirts if you catch my drift. That’s a good development.

        Make no mistake, we will not stop at Donald Trump.


    2. “Appointed a United Nations Women Goodwill Ambassador in 2014, Watson declared: ‘Women’s rights are something so inextricably linked with who I am, so deeply personal and rooted in my life, that I can’t imagine an opportunity more exciting.’”

      white women’s rights… fucking nazi scum.


  2. Don’t forget that she was part of the anti-semitic nazi conspiracy to accuse Harvey Weinstein of rape because he is a staunch supporter of Israel and criticized the iranian islamofascist mullah obama


    1. Bro, why do you suck your dad’s dick so much? Is there something religious about it, or it’s just a fun thing to do ??


  3. Emma Watson advocates skin whitening, aka white supremacy.

    Fans of Harry Potter actor Emma Watson have taken to Twitter in horror after discovering that Emma Watson was the face of a skin lightening product (Lancome Blanc Expert).

    Lancome, owned by L’Oreal, describes the product on its website as ‘helping to prevent dark skin.’

    The product description reads: ‘Dark skin can be caused by an accumulation of melanin, a pigment produced in the epidermis that gives skin its colour.’

    ‘Emma Watson, forever paraded in the media as a white feminist icon, is the face of Lancôme’s “Blanc Expert” (Expert White) which contains disruptive ingredients intended to whiten the skin.’ write journalist Shontavia Johnson for the Baltimore Sun.

    ‘Non-white women already have complexes about dark skin rooted in colonialism, racism and/or classism. They are exacerbated by these multimillion $ £ € campaigns designed to make us feel like our skin is a problem that we can pay for them to solve.’

    ‘I’ve been rooting for Emma Watson since I was a child, but her advocacy of skin bleaching products & the underlying racism is just indefensible.’

    ‘In endorsing skin bleaching products, Emma Watson endorses the hierarchy of race, colourism, and the inherent whiteness of beauty standards.’ writes Debbie Cohen for the Telegraph.

    So Emma Watson, herself a melanin deficient white supremacist, is the face of a skin whitening product… just how white does she want to be?

    White feminists will cry all day about “boardroom quotas” and the like, but they are perfectly fine with exploiting the oppression of actual women of color by selling them nauseating skin lightening products.

    Women of color can be damned, Emma Watson’s feminism starts – and end – with white women.

    BTW, Lancôme was founded in 1935 by Armand Petitjean, who maintained close ties with the far-right pro-Hitlerian militia Action Française. Just another coincidence, I’m sure.


    1. Encouraging dark-skinned women to look whiter is obviously a deeply contentious issue.

      FYI, there’s a loooong history of colorism, where lighter skinned blacks received preferential treatment, which took a psychological toll on darker skinned blacks, who subsequently went to all kinds of lengths to lighten their complextions. It’s a very touchy subject in the black community, and there was a documentary made about the subject a few years ago called Dark Girls.

      TLDR, Emma Watson is a fake feminist and probably a racist. It’s sad, but I can’t say I’m surprised… all white people are racist, they claim not to be but scratch a little under the surface and you’ll see the ugly truth rear its ugly head.


  4. Well now. All the modern world was created by whites. Science, technology, medicine, arts, literature, philosophy, etc…They feel entitled.


    1. what a nasty, biggoted and hateful thing to say … it’s a GOOD thing your kind is dying, I know I’ll be encouraging immigrants to come to white countries and encouraging white girls to only date and marry people of color


      1. hey Manaudi? saying that “all [insert race here] are [insert negative attribute here]” is a racist statement. so the only person you’ve definitively exposed as a racist is yourself. got it? it’s not really rocket science, friend.


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