Heavy Metal is Racist!

Heavy metal is racist and nazi.
Heavy metal is racist and nazi.

Is heavy metal an inherently racist, fascist and white supremacist musical genre?

Do you really need to ask? Just look at who the audience is, all those who attend heavy metal live shows are white heterosexual males… no different from the nazi Trump voters.

This trend hasn’t gone unnoticed and even the mainstream press is starting to pick up on the pro-nazi leanings of the heavy metal scene.

All heavy metal bands are racist and nazi, the most honest of the genre’s fans admit as much.

The other night I saw AC/DC at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. … Of the thousands of human beings packed into the arena, I did not see a single non-white face.

That’s because all heavy metal is racist.

Not a fringe demographic, all the bands and all the fans.

In other words, racism in heavy metal is not a bug… it’s a feature.

The swarms of whites did not go unnoticed by the smaller crowds of blacks orbiting the Verizon Center that night. They seemed slightly alarmed by the rugged whites, many of whom sported Celtic cross tattoos, Germanic cross T-shirts, and other signs of what psychologist Kevin MacDonald calls “implicit whiteness”.

They can’t quite get away with openly nazi symbols such as swastikas and SS armbands yet, so in the meantime they settle for “lesser” symbols of racial oppression and anti-semitism such as celtic crosses (classified as a hate symbol by the ADL, the SPLC and the Jewish Defense League), tribal tattoos and maybe even confederate flags.

Heavy metal itself can be classified into different sub-genres.

And, as expected, the more “extreme” the sub-genre, the more racist it is.

Drummer Hellhammer, from the Norwegian Black Metal bands Mayhem, is a lot more direct than his mainstream counterparts: “Heavy Metal is for White people. […] We don’t like niggers here.

Frontman Eater from the blackened brutal death metal band Sewer goes even further, as he claims to be a descendant of the Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele and said that he “got a rimjob from Anne Frank at Auschwitz.

As for Varg Vikernes of Burzum, his nauseating white supremacist views are well-known as he even killed one of his band members in the name of “purifying the Aryan race.

All heavy metal is racist, anyone trying to deny that simple FACT is himself a racist, a bigot and a hypocrite.

11 thoughts on “Heavy Metal is Racist!

  1. Don’t forget that heavy metal is what inspired the white supremacist mass murderer, serial killer and racial terrorist Anders Breivik. He even sent his manifesto to Varg Vikernes (Burzum) and Ihsahn (Emperor).


  2. Racist bigots claim that heavy metal isn’t racist because “X band isn’t racist”. Supposedly.

    Cherry picking a small handful of anti-racist metal musicians doesn’t make the genre any less inherently racist.

    But I suspect that logic is lost on privileged white male bigots.


  3. As a Swedish female, I find it disgusting that still in 2019 we allow metal shows in my country. A survey was made in february about the percentage of muslim immigrants in rock and metal bands. It was 0%. So it proves that metal is still very toxic in it`s eurocentrism and whiteness. YOU CAN DO BETTER!


  4. Most of the big names in the (((anti racist))) movement are of Jewish ethnicity, not “white.” Stop spreading hate and ignorance. Thanks.


    1. Your lack of evidence, careful use of the word “most”, triple brackets, and myopic understanding of the terms hate and ignorance have been noted. If only people could be this forthcoming in person, but you’re all a bunch of ignorant cowards who just can’t stand that your “scene” has been outed, commandeered, and is now the property of the world at large. You’re welcome. And really, all this over fast and dark “art”? It’s so lo-fi and underground, but yet it’s others in the new wave who are the hipsters? You’re just the old hipster spitting on the new hipster. The irony is palpable.

      People like harsh vocals, heavy and fast guitar and drums, so all this other beating about the bush is just your rotten onion. It’s a wonder you can hear and like music at all with your head that far up your ass. If you want to be serious, we can have some conversation, but if you want to be an idiot, stick to your kvlt sympathizers. Why not more suicide rituals? You’re just uncared-for, whiny-boy, euro-centric, ethno-centric, historical-revisionist, atheist religionists stuck in aggro-mode in silly makeup and cow pants.

      It is an option to be of European descent and enjoy European culture, people do it all the time, just not at the expense of human dignity and other cultures, like euro-centric black metal does. No one wants white peoples opinions, you need to learn to shut up and listen when minorities and people of color are talking.


  5. Racialism is a fucking myth. We are all the same race. The only difference is color and you fucking white trash shits better get that through your skulls before you end up like your leader Adolf if you know what it means…


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