Donald Trump is Racist!

Is Donald Trump a racist?
Is Donald Trump a racist?

Is Donald Trump a racist, fascist and white supremacist nazi bigot?

Do you really need to ask?

What else do you call someone who constantly promotes nauseating ideologies such as patriarchy, nativism, social injustice, heteromasculinity, whiteness and christianity?

Yes, Donald Drumpff is a racist.

The fact that he denies his racism makes it even more obvious for those willing to see.

It has been trendy for the so-called “ironic racist” crowd to deny their racism, by claiming they “have a Black friend” or some other overused, washed-up excuse.

The fascist Donald Trump will of course claim that he is “against racism” and is only for “America First”, but what is “America First” if not the exaltation of neo-nazism, white supremacy, social domination and racial hate?

America is, alongside Europe, one of the most racist and xenophobic nations in the world!

Donald Trump constantly engages in fascism, toxic heterosexuality, violence against women and bigotry.

Why is this tolerated?

Racism is not an opinion, racism is a hate crime.

How can someone be president if he is also a racial criminal?

Donald Trump is a racist and a white supremacist neo-nazi, there is no place for doubt when it comes to combatting fascism.

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump is Racist!

  1. Wikileaks has posted this morning dozens of documents authenticated and dating from Nazi Germany. They attest to the fact that young Donald Trump belonged to an SS battalion during the Second World War. Indeed, the US presidential candidate would have forgotten to specify his Nazi past. Between 1942 and 1944 Donald Trump was posted to the 33rd Waffen SS Regiment based on the Russian front. There were many martial abuses recorded. It was during this period that Trump became radicalized and began to adopt the ideas we know today.


    1. He was born in 1946. The average age of a soldier is 25-26. Taking into account that you believe he was in WW2 that would make him almost 100 years old. Aight.


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